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Stepinac player of week- Marty Conlon

Posted Wednesday, December 20, 2006 by The hardwood reporter
Marty was the complete player back in his day when he caught Rick Pitino's eye. Pitino was Head coach of Providence college at time. He called Gene Doris [ Stepinac Head Coach at time] Pitino wanted Marty. Marty was just coming off his best game as a Crusader. Conlon would lead Stepinac into the final four of the CHSAA vs Kenny Anderson's Molloy team 32 points 20 rebounds before games end. Molloy would go on to win the NY State federation championship. Conlon helped Providence reach the final four in his freshman year . Marty in his Stepinac days, was a player that was not interested in playing one on one or in a pick up game. He would work tirelessly on his inside moves, his jump shot & his foul shots. When he was a 6-3 Freshman the coaches would not let team shot the ball till Marty touched it. He always did the right thing with it. Kicking backout to the man with open shot or turned & faced the hoop for an easy two. He wasn't fancy - But he knew how to play. Marty never missed a foul shot !

Marty stopped by to talk to old friends & to give Melquan Bolding some words of wisdom [from one Pitino recruit to another]. Marty just finished a long career in NBA & playing pro ball in Europe. He is now the Asst Coach for Irish National team & hopes to hook up with a NBA team soon.
One thing Marty talked about was how lucky he was to get a great education. He is 40 years old & he is not playing ball for the first time since his childhood. Who could complain! But he still has his education to fall back on. We thank Marty for taking time out of his busy schedule to stop by & see the place he once called home. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all!

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