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Baltimore wastes no time in choosing Lehigh U.

Posted Wednesday, October 06, 2010 by Jthompson

Baltimore wastes no time finding fit at Lehigh 10.06.10

When Conroy Baltimore visited Lehigh over the weekend, his options were numerous. And the Stepinac senior intended to take advantage of them, honestly. Only when he spent a couple days at Lehigh and learned more about the school, Baltimore jumped at the opportunity to both attend class and play basketball at the Patriot League school.

In fact, Baltimore made his decision on the spot. After talking to his parents Saturday, Baltimore committed to Lehigh at breakfast with the coaches Sunday morning. In doing so, he passed up an opportunity to make official visits to Wagner, Saint Peter’s and New Hampshire. When I asked why, he kept it simple.

“I was going to take officials to those schools, but once I got to Lehigh I didn’t want to see anything else,” the 6-foot-5 forward said.

You can read the rest of my story here. But here are a few things you should know about Baltimore:

1. He is serious about this. In a 10-minute conversation with him, it was clear this was a mature, well thought out decision. He mentioned the program’s graduation rate and the school’s success in landing graduates jobs within the first six months.

2. That maturity carries over to the court. Even before the last two days, I’d never heard Stepinac coach Tim Philp mention Baltimore without praising what kind of person he was or mentioning his work ethic. Indeed, it was Baltimore who felt comfortable with the players at Lehigh because they (the college players) impressed him (the high school recruit) with their commitment. “They have my personality,” he said. “They work hard. They don’t want to do anything other than expect to get better and win, and I really liked that.”

3. He made a decision not enough student-athletes make: He looked at the schools on his list and chose the college he believed had the best academic reputation. “That was impressive,” he said. “I felt I should take advantage of it.”

What will be interesting for Baltimore as a player is what position he plays at the next level. He’s the area’s best returning rebounder and shot blocker but will need to develop more skills away from the rim in college. Baltimore told me the coaching staff looks at him as a “three,” and there’s no question he can really thrive there as a defender and rebounder. But with his length — and based on what I’ve seen against high level players the last six or seven months — Baltimore could even thrive as an undersized post player. He can certainly rebound and defend against taller opponents. No doubt.

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